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Open Mind Research

What do we mean by Open Mind?

  • Being open to changes, new ideas, new experiences. We are curious and do not stop on the surface.
  • Analyzing the surrounding world from multiple perspectives, accepting whatever is new, while suspending judgment or prejudice
  • Being a fan of discussions
  • Being flexible and adapting to people, new experiences or events

About Us

Open Mind Research was established in 2018 by Antonia Camarra who, after working for 30 years in qualitative and quantitative market research at leading market research agencies, decided to start her independent agency aided by a multi-disciplinary staff and a network of valuable professionals.

The team of Open Mind Research numbers established professionals with a long- standing working experience in market research: multi-skill researchers, statisticians, field professionals. A close-knit group of co-workers who value established tradition and are driven by the desire to develop a forward-looking working approach.

Our goal consists in carrying out projects delivering high-quality standards: from outlining the client’s needs to choosing the most appropriate research methodology, all the way down to recruitment and gathering information up to findings analysis and consultancy provided to our Clients.

We are eager to listen to your requests and to design the most effective solutions!


Working approach

Open Mind, a gate giving prompt access to the world of research. While our experienced working team deliver a multi-disciplinary approach, we sustain our clients with a goal in mind: developing new approaches to gain understanding of the market with the aid of ad hoc activities designed around the client’s individual needs and supplementing traditional and innovative qualitative and quantitative research methods. Working side by side with the client, in what we view as a partnership perspective, is our top first strength.

Open Mind Research can deliver:


Our long-standing expertise helps us thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and opinions, while defining the context and designing the ideal research path together with the client.

Not only are we research experts, we can assist you with a tailored consulting service meant to identify the appropriate call to action.


We carefully listen to consumers and their opinions and, subsequently, share them with our clients with a view to creating the desired value.

We partner with our clients in pursuit of the best solution to meet insight objectives and define the necessary investments.


We are go-getting, eager to test new ideas and develop new methods, in other words we are ready to quit our “comfort zone”, responsive to new opinions and needs.

We look at the world out there from different points of view, with an open mind, in order to provide the best responses.


We value quality and pinpoint accuracy which strictly apply to every new project we undertake.

We blend know-how and passion about research.


We analyze results, outline solutions and actions for our clients to implement.

We generate the desired change in collaboration with our clients.


We are the next-door colleagues you can always rely on, confident there will be someone actively listening to your requests and finding effective solutions.
We provide you access to the world of research.

Tools and methodologies

We run domestic and international research projects, interconnecting survey tools and methodologies. Our quantitative and qualitative working tools alongside the methodologies employed, are inherently subordinate to the goals we aim to reach.

In other words, Open Mind!

Quantitative tools

Quantitative tools used to establish and describe the behaviours and attitudes of
the market universe:

  • Individual interviews (Face to Face): in home, in central location, in store
  • Telephone interviews (CATI): domestic and international, run by Italian or
    foreign interviewers
  • On-line interviews (CAWI)
  • Interviews with Household Panels representative of the population and its

Qualitative tools

Qualitative tools used to gain understanding of the insights of the target market as well as to develop new products or services or to renovate our range of products or services:

  • Focus groups in location or online, including online forums
  • In-depth individual interviews: in home, in location, in-office or online
  • Interviews, ethnographic observations and consumption diaries
  • Concept and product tests either in location or in home
  • In-store observation
  • Client-consumer workshops
  • Webwords: sentiment and web reputation of the web community

Mystery Client

The jewel in the crown of Open Mind Research: Mystery Client.

The Mystery Client technique has long been regarded as an established tool to gauge and monitor the end customer’s experience when interacting with the products or services provided by our clients or by their competitors.

Running a survey with the aid of the Mystery Client technique for supplementing a Customer Satisfaction activity proves extremely helpful to identify the areas and methods of intervention: we fine-tune the measurement of the quality perceived by real customers (Customer Satisfaction) by means of objective evaluations achieved through the quality provided (Mystery Client).
Based on a “rational and professional” approach, the Mystery Client technique is an effective tool to measure the quality of a service because our shoppers are in line with the consumer target or, in turn, personally use the products or services they purchase. Many of them, in fact, are Real Customers!

The Mystery Client is a survey tool to gather information based on several methodologies:

  • Mystery Shopping: when the purchase of a product or a service requires ability and specific professional skills, because we are purchasing a means of production, or firmness and persuasiveness to obtain the highest discount possible.
  • Mystery Calling: to assess the compliance with the KPIs of a toll-free number or the kindness and customer care of a company’s information service.
  • Mystery Repair: to assess the quality of the after-sale service of a network (car, motorcycle, truck …), of a repair service centre for household appliances or other networks; whenever it is deemed necessary assessing the professionalism, competence and fairness of any working site to check the functionality of a product.
  • Mystery Mail: if I send an enquiry e-mail, to apply for a service, how long is it going to take before someone picks up my call? Who am I to expect at the opposite end of the phone? Are they going to provide me with exhaustive information? This methodology will help you find out!
  • Mystery Travel: when the travel experience helps us trace back the value of the client’s offer!

And much more!

Open Mind Research is here for you!

Open the door and start exploring!

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